Evaluate Your Enterprise’s Digital Maturity | Webinar Recording

July 25, 2017


On a scale from non-existent to community-driven, where does your Enterprise land in the Digital Maturity Model? Have you embarked on the journey towards Digital Transformation? For years, we have heard how Enterprises are setting forward to ‘digitize’ their Enterprise and now we are seeing the true tactics come to fruition.

For instance, within Financial Services, we have witnessed transformation to create digital business apps, that serve their SMB markets and keep their competitive edge among the FinTech startups. In fact, 56% of SMEs indicated a desire for better digital banking tools. Integrated digital products are the future of banking.

Listen to API Experts Mark Boyd, Writer and Analyst at Platformable and Ross Garrett, Director of Product Marketing at Cloud Elements plus our two special guests Isabelle Mauny, Co-Founder and CTO at 42Crunch and Lars Markull, API Evangelist at figo. You will learn:

  • How API integration is at the epicenter of Digital Transformation
  • FinTech expert advice on disrupting the Era of Digital Finance
  • The benefits of standardizing Open Banking APIs
  • What software compatibility (interoperability) really looks like with 600+ SaaS apps within your enterprise

It is mission critical to not only put the effort behind building your API, but also taking it across the finish line and providing easier access for your customers, partners, and employees.

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