Making Integration Suck Less | Webinar Recording

January 23, 2018

Let’s face it. API integration sucks. Perhaps one-time projects aren't so bad, but it’s never just a one-and-done scenario. If you are designing and building at least one API integration, odds are you will need to build many. Each one of those APIs has it’s own learning curve, it’s own nuances, it’s own ways of representing the data you need.

We'll discuss how to make integration suck less. Stop building brittle connections, and start thinking about truly integrating the data you care about. Using a virtual data resource as the center of your app ecosystem, you can achieve more robust and more scalable integration.


   - Why integration today is so brittle.
   - The "scale-pocalypse" in your app ecosystem!
   - How to focus on the data you care about.'


Head of Product Marketing
Cloud Elements 
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