The State of Open Banking Webinar 2019

October 31, 2019

HOW OPEN BANKING IS COLLIDING WITH THE API ICEBERG API technology and integration sits at the heart of open banking, and it will need to be mastered by those companies looking to keep up with the pace of change and embrace the business opportunities this new landscape presents. While new and improved customer experiences will be the primary driver as we move towards the future, providing a more integrated, outcomes-based ecosystem follows as the next biggest benefit of open banking. But in order to introduce truly innovative products and services, having just a product strategy isn’t enough. Being able to integrate all the applications within the open banking ecosystem requires a solid API integration strategy. Join the webinar for these key takeaways: -What's beneath the surface of the API Iceberg -The role of API integration in Open Banking -Insights into the relationship between new Fintechs and Financial Services -The biggest benefits and challenges of Open Banking -How to build a solid strategy for introducing new products and services



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