Transforming IT: App Connections are Easy, Integrations are Hard

May 22, 2017 Jackie Rebrovic

Enterprise IT is facing a sea change – not just in terms of technology, but also how customers and employees expect products or services to be delivered to them. Perceptions of IT across the board reflect decades of IT saying “no” or limiting flexibility and choice for end-users, typically due to well-intentioned concerns around security and manageability. Web APIs provide the agility, and API integration platforms provide the scale, for organizations to realize greater utility across legacy infrastructure and to seamlessly bridge to a hybrid model by integrating cloud applications. The time is now for today's enterprise to transform their IT environments into API-centric hybrid platforms. 

Read this whitepaper to dive into the following topics:

  • The Changing World of Applications and Cloud Integration
  • The Emergence of Hybrid Enterprise 
  • Cloud-Ready Enterprise Integration
  • Integration the Cloud into the Business
  • API, Service, and Data Governance
  • Leveraging a Hybrid Integration Platform
  • The New IT Mandate


About the Author

Jackie Rebrovic

As the Senior Strategic Marketing Manager at Cloud Elements Jackie is responsible for owning all advertising channels, digital campaigns, full-funnel content, and the website. Outside of all things Cloud Elements, Jackie is a certified yoga instructor at Corepower Yoga in Denver. In her free time she enjoys skiing in the rocky mountains, cooking at home, happy hour-ing, seeing live music, traveling, and hiking with her Shiba Inu, Mika.

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