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An API Operations Checklist

July 14, 2016 Kin Lane

An API Operations Checklist

It is getting easier to design, define, and deploy APIs these days, but I still get a number of folks who approach me with questions about how to get going with the operations and management side of things. While each company, and API provider, will have different needs, I wanted to provide a general list of the common building blocks used by the leading API providers I track on across the API sector. The result is this checklist containing some of the common building blocks across my almost 50 areas of API research, into a single list, that can be considered when anyone is planning on deploying an API. For this guide, I wanted to touch on some of the building blocks you should consider as part of your central API developer portal, documentation, and other elements of the management and operations, what I feel should be a minimum viable presence for successful API providers. Let’s get started! 

About the Author

Kin Lane

My name is Kin Lane and I am a technology professional with an obsession for Application Programming Interfaces, also know as APIs. You will find me half the year, traveling the world evangelizing the importance of API literacy, and the other half of the time, working virtually to better understand the world of APIs, and publish my ongoing research, and stories on my network http://apievangelist.com.

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