Using Integration to Reduce Subscription Churn | Webinar Recording

ProfitWell CEO & Founder, Patrick Campbell and Cloud Elements CPO Ross Garrett unpack the relationship between product integrations and churn. At ProfitWell we've collected the largest recurring revenue data set in the world (over 14k companies) and are here to share insights on where most subscription businesses are struggling or thriving.

They discuss how good integrations can be the conduit your product needs to provide a better user experience and promote engagement (with data, of course). So let’s deep dive on the data together.

Here’s a breakdown of what you'll learn:

  • How to use integrations to provide better customer experience and increase engagement
  • Data on the relationship between integrations and churn
  • Tips to reduce voluntary churn and increase revenue
  • Insights on how to choose and build out integrations to maximize customer value
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