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Building Integrated Digital Treasury and Payment Solutions

January 11, 2018 Ross Garrett

Transformation has always been difficult for organizations regardless of scale. Today, disruptive market forces and emerging technologies are demanding that all businesses, across all industries, define and navigate a transformational path that embraces the app economy and represents a new focus on digital products and software-defined architecture. 

The business landscape for treasury services is also changing rapidly as many of the same underlying technologies driving digital transformation are starting to be deployed in the treasury business ecosystem. A Digital Treasury Ecosystem, where the CFO makes real-time financial decisions is becoming the expectation, rather than a "nice to have." 

In this paper we describe how to integrate a new generation of specialized services for A/R, reconciliation, and treasury activities, to finance and accounting solutions used by your customers. 

About the Author

Ross Garrett

Ross Garrett is the Head of Product Marketing at Cloud Elements - responsible for market strategy, product positioning and evangelism. He is a well-known speaker at developer events and other industry conferences. Ross has over 10 years of product and marketing leadership experience in the integration space, most recently at Push Technology and previously with Axway, CA and Layer 7.

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