What's That Object Called: CRM, Marketing, Help Desk [Infographic]

June 21, 2017 Vivek Ravishankar

If you've integrated your app with other API's, you know that object names can be anything but standardized. An object you've defined as "opportunity" might be defined as "opportunities", "lead", "leads", "potential", or maybe even some creative combination of characters another developer came up with just to confuse you. When integrating multiple APIs, each with unique objects, mapping can become a tedious task. At Cloud Elements, we do our best to cure your headache by standardizing object names across categories of APIs. Check out how object names differ among the most popular APIs in our CRM, Marketing, and Help Desk Hubs:

Click to download the infographic!

Click to download the infographic!

About the Author

Vivek Ravishankar

Vivek is a Marketing Intern at Cloud Elements.

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