The Definitive Guide to API Integrations [eBook]

March 30, 2016 Mark Geene

Explore API Integrations Below the Surface

The rapid fragmentation of the application software market is accelerating the demand for apps that instantly work together, have the ability to move data freely from one technology to another in real time, and are user friendly and easy to set up.

Unfortunately, building integrations one at a time costs too much and takes too long. You may have all-star developers, but that doesn’t mean they can complete the almost impossible; at least not without proper planning, execution, and testing.

That is why having an API integration strategy in place is so important. Knowing what needs to be done before you integrate, how to dive in and integrate your API, as well as how to test the quality of your API integration is essential for the success of your app.

This ebook will guide you through: 

  1. Pre-Integration Work: An integration is a connected, cooperative experience where data flows seamlessly between your app and the other apps your customers are using. Pre-integration work is a critical in order to build a cooperative experience. 
  2. Let’s Integrate: Once pre-integration work is complete, you are ready to actually integrate! Unfortunately, it's not that simple. API Integration design is about building apps with pre-built, pre-orchestrated integrations to complementary applications. However, it’s more complex than point-to-point integrations, and it’s bigger than simply writing directly to the API. 
  3. Quality Check: Once your API integration is live the final steps journey are logging and monitoring. We hear over and over that if an app’s integrations are not working, customers and end users are frustrated, reflecting poorly on your proprietary application.

This eBook is designed for everyone involved in app development or app synchronization, including product managers. It will guide you through how to build your API Integration strategy and help you choose the best fit for your product. 

Find out about API Talks: Get SaaSy with Integration, our 2017 event series.

Designing a SaaS-based API integration strategy is mission critical, whether you’re the product leader for a Digital Enterprise or Startup or anywhere in between. Each event will include a keynote presentation, a panel of industry experts and networking happy hour. The series will be popping up in San Francisco, New York, Austin, Boston and Portland this year! 

About the Author

Mark Geene

Mark is the CEO and co-founder of Cloud Elements. He has more than 20 years of experience in sales, consulting and product management. Mark is a Lean Startup enthusiast and a passionate product strategist.

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