Bizzy Customer Story

Bizzy E-Commerce and Marketing Platform Gains 100% 5 Star Rating with API Integrations Powered by Cloud Elements

Industry: E-commerce SaaS Provider

Challenge: Building one-off, in-house integrations to e-commerce platforms was too time consuming and expensive for on-going maintenance.

Solution: Cloud Elements E-Commerce Hub API Integrations (Shopify & WooCommerce)

“We’re building a product that does for an e-commerce shop, what growth teams do at large companies.”

Jen Kessler, CEO and Co-Founder, Bizzy

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Bizzy is a cutting-edge analytics driven platform, combining the power of both marketing automation and e-commerce. Being a disrupter in the overcrowded marketing space is no easy feat, but as CEO and Co-Founder, Jen Kessler explains, “We’re building a product that does for an e-commerce shop, what growth teams do at large companies.” E-commerce analytics and digital marketing campaigns flow together to create a seamless, integrated solution, powered in part by Cloud Elements’ APIs.

Prompting Vision For Bizzy

Kessler’s vision for Bizzy is to democratize access to effective marketing. “There are two massive trends happening in the marketplace today. On the one hand, e-commerce is exploding, rapidly enhancing the revenue streams for small to medium size businesses, helping companies like Shopify and Etsy go public last year.”

Kessler continues, “On the other hand, marketing is becoming infinitely more complicated. The number of marketing channels and data tools required to support each channel is significant. Brand new marketing channels are becoming available every week and it is becoming increasingly difficult for business owners to manage all of those channels.”

The Success Criteria

Bizzy helps e-commerce businesses increase their revenue by delivering automated campaigns at each stage of the sales funnel.

Kessler shares, “We pull in our user’s customer data from their choice of e-commerce platform, including Shopify and WooCommerce. Using this data, we can segment their customers, pre-fabricate marketing messages, and then automate the engagement process on behalf of our users.”

The first channel Bizzy started with was email automation, and they are now expanding to other channels, such as social and paid ads.

One critical success factor for Bizzy customers is integrating with the e-commerce platform they are already using to access vital customer data. E-commerce shops are built on all sorts of platforms, Shopify, WooCommerce, Volusion, Ecwid, Bigcommerce, Magento and Etsy, just to name a few. So a key decision for the Bizzy product team was realizing that fully supporting the myriad of integrations would require hiring entire teams of developers just to build and maintain. 

“Our success criteria was to being able to more quickly integrate with more e-commerce platforms.”

Jen Kessler, CEO and Co-Founder, Bizzy

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E-Commerce and Marketing Together at Last

Other competitors in the market are trying to create centralized marketing tools, while still keeping individual channels siloed. You could use these other companies to manage your emails or paid ads, for example, but the data itself will not be integrated, requiring you to replicate your efforts across every channel.

Bizzy integrates data from fragmented marketing channels and e-commerce platforms. This means that Bizzy customers have full visibility into their customer base and marketing efforts, which means that they can grow more quickly and deliberately.

Building The Integration

The first step Bizzy took towards an integrated solution was to build the Shopify integration in-house. Kessler explains the subsequent shift to Cloud Elements, “After building our Shopify integration we thought it would make sense (and be much faster) if we just built one integration to a full category of e-commerce applications, instead of one at a time.” Enter Cloud Elements.

Kessler and the rest of the Bizzy team met Cloud Elements at the Small Business Web Summit event and were most attracted by Cloud Elements' value proposition to have significant cost savings on development resources to quickly build e-commerce integrations.

“We loved the incredible responsiveness of the Cloud Elements team in troubleshooting problems and building new integrations for us. For example, they built the WooCommerce and Weebly integrations upon our request.” recalls Kessler. “We all appreciated their willingness to understand our business and what’s important to our customers.”

Example Use Case

The first thing Bizzy customers do to setup their account is connect their e-commerce platform. The integration enables us to grab their customer order information and product information, and then we track conversions (orders).

Bizzy then brings in all of the customer and order data and uses it to generate and maintain marketing campaigns. We pull in the data, segment the customers, create and execute marketing content, and track conversions.

The webhook with WooCommerce and Shopify helps the Bizzy platform identify when new orders or customers come in, triggering the kickoff of marketing campaigns and conversion tracking.

Measuring Results

Today, Bizzy has a 100% 5 Star Review rating on the Shopify Apps Marketplace, is building up its WooCommerce clients, and is launching on other e-commerce platforms soon.

The Bizzy marketing engine has already sent over tens of millions of automated emails based on triggered events from the e-comm integrations.  “We’ve significantly improved both our customers’ sales and their ease of use of marketing.”

Kessler wraps up with, “I’m most excited for the coming months and our partnership with Cloud Elements. Our companies are very well aligned in terms of the importance of integrations and how connected applications will propel our business forward.”

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Hannah is the Director of Marketing at Cloud Elements. With a background in agile development + creative mind in the realm of marketing, Hannah exemplies the ability to lead in all things marketing.

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