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Monica Peotter

PaySimple Builds Integrations in Half the Time


Industry: FinTech - Payment Gateway

Challenge: Quickbooks Online integration was resource restricted, needed a robust integration platform to satisfy customer demand

Solution: Embedded API Integrations starting with Quickbooks Online, Mailchimp and Constant Contact




PaySimple is a FinTech & service commerce platform that allows businesses of all sizes to accept payments, market services, and manage customer data to grow their business. The platform is unique because it allows service-based businesses to streamline billing and payment acceptance for recurring payments, as well as one time, Point-of-Sale transactions. PaySimple’s products lets business owners spend less time chasing, sorting, and monitoring payments – so they have more time to focus on their core business. 

“We work with an extremely diverse client base that all have different needs but it boils down to them needing to expedite in the way they are accepting and processing payments and streamlining their billing processes.” Eddie Driver, Product Marketing Manager at PaySimple.

Need for Integration

PaySimple’s integration strategy is to build integrations that allow their customers to use the payment and customer data they are collecting in all different areas of the business. Before Cloud Elements, PaySimple’s customers would manually export their payment data from PaySimple and import it into systems like QuickBooks Online. This exporting and importing of flat-files caused some business admins or merchants to spend 5+ hours per week to keep their accounting systems synchronized. With the new Quickbooks Online integration, customers will spend no time doing import/export accounting activities. With the quick configuration process, payment data will sync into Quickbooks Online in real time. “It was crucial for us to be able to save our customers as much time as we could,” says Driver.

Now that payment data can be integrated with front office systems like MailChimp in real time, PaySimple’s customers can also use that data to run targeted email campaigns to prospects and customers to drive more repeat business.  Customers no longer need to use another third party service or spend hours a week editing and importing spreadsheets. As critical business technologies evolve, PaySimple will have the ability to integrate into those systems, satisfying customer demands and  saving their customers time and money on day to day business tasks. 

Why Cloud Elements

Driver continues, “We chose Cloud Elements mainly because of the breadth of the catalog of integrations. We were evaluating 8-10 different integration vendors, and Cloud Elements kept standing out because of the ability for us to create one endpoint on our end and quickly spin up integrations after laying the groundwork. Cloud Elements went above and beyond their integration catalog by offering go-to-market support, thought leadership in our overall integration strategy and knowledge sharing between our teams. We trusted that Cloud Elements had the technology that was stable and reliable. That offered us the ability to build integrations much more quickly and satisfy our customers demands.”

“Building all of these integrations natively would have taken twice the amount of time in comparison to working with Cloud Elements. By releasing this QuickBooks Online integration in the wild and having our customers turn it on and be very happy with it, has us really thrilled.” The first integration was a huge milestone, building confidence with the PaySimple product team to release even more integrations with Cloud Elements. 

Proven Success

Activated Customers Using Quickbooks

The PaySimple team released their Quickbooks Online integration as a free add-on to any customers on PaySimple Pro. They have over 100 customers live and fully running a real time sync, and have another several handfuls that have started the activation process. 

It All Works on Just the PaySimple Platform

Previously, some of PaySimple’s customers would use another payment processing solution because it integrated with Quickbooks Online. Now that the integration is live, PaySimple’s customers are able to transition off of those other services and solely use the PaySimple platform. The Quickbooks Online integration saved several customers and potentially millions of dollars in payment processing volume. This integration was something their customers wanted from the PaySimple platform and now they no longer need to use third party services to satisfy the need. 

What’s Next: Event-driven integration 

PaySimple’s next focus with Cloud Elements will be on event-driven integration to front-end systems, like email marketing tools. Roughly half of PaySimple’s client base are using an email marketing tool to drive business. Front-end systems like MailChimp and Constant Contact allow businesses using PaySimple to communicate with their customers based on triggered transaction or payment data. 

For example: If their customers bought a seasonal service the previous year, PaySimple’s customers can quickly create an email list to promote that same service again this year. Payment data is a great part of overall buying behavior that can help influence front of the house marketing to generate more business.  Driver emphasized: “We always let our customers dictate a lot of what we build. In our product, customers can submit the integrations they would like to see built so we use that to prioritize our integration roadmap. Based off of our surveys, we have seen a lot of interest in accounting systems, marketing automation tools and CRMs.  We feel very confident that wherever that survey leads, Cloud Elements has a product that will be able to help us build out those integrations.”


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Monica Peotter

Monica is the Customer Programs Manager at Cloud Elements.

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