Pax8 Customer Story

January 5, 2016 Hannah Shain

Pax8 Partners With Cloud Elements to Launch First Product 9 Months Faster Than Predicted

Industry: Cloud Commerce Marketplace for Channel Partners

Challenge: Simplify logins and subscription management to multiple services built on APIs

Solution: Cloud Elements API Integration Services: Messaging, Customer Service, Authentication and Provisioning

"I’m proud of the application we built with Cloud Elements, and how well the software flies with the user community."

Klaus Dimmler, CTO, Pax8


Pax8, a cloud commerce marketplace delivering solutions to a network of channel partners, connects with Cloud Elements in early 2013 for an opportunity to expand API integrations.

When Pax8 was first launching its business, the startup had a small team of technical people to build an expansive cloud application. The entrepreneurs were looking for a scalable, integrated, and easy-to-use platform (the Pax8 Command Console) that reduced the need for multiple portal logins. And as with any startup, funds and development resources were limited. Over the course of the next six months, an agile partnership with the Cloud Elements development team was created and a minimal viable product (MVP) was launched to early adopters.


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Hannah Shain

Hannah is the Director of Marketing at Cloud Elements. With a background in agile development + creative mind in the realm of marketing, Hannah exemplies the ability to lead in all things marketing.

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