Akkroo Captures 90% of Market with API Integrations

Monica Peotter

Industry: Event lead capture for

B2BImage result for akkroo logo Exhibitors

Challenge: Arkkroo's product needed a robust integration platform to satisfy customer demand

Solution: Cloud Elements' CRM

and Marketing integrations helped

Akkroo shape their ideal customer

profile and capture 90% of the market



Akkroo is event lead capture tool, built for B2B sales and marketing teams. By connecting events with their marketing stack, exhibitors turn conversations into qualified leads and accelerated revenue. Akkroo believes that the way that companies collect leads and derive value from B2B trade-shows and events is disconnected from the rest of their systems. Traditionally, exhibitors put up with poor systems and processes for collecting leads, resulting in slow follow-up and missed revenue opportunities. Akkroo allows companies to capture higher quality leads on the show floor, by collecting accurate contact details plus important contextual information. Event Qualified Leads go straight into Marketing Automation and CRM, ready for timely, relevant follow-up, and enabling a streamlined post-event process.


Need for Integration

As Akkroo was developing their platform, they knew integration was crucial to their product strategy  from the start.

“We knew that our ideal customer is already investing in Marketing Automation and CRM systems. Customers were asking for the integration into the systems they were already using. So our initial integration strategy focused on building connections to Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. We also provide APIs for customers to plug in directly if they aren’t using one of the systems we offer.”

- Andy Higgs, CPO & Co-Founder

Once development of the  Akkroo product was underway, the product and engineering teams quickly realized the underlying complexities of building true integrations, rather than connections, to popular marketing and CRM cloud systems. The product team was tasked with an important decision - build the integrations themselves or find a tool that could help them build integrations faster. To fully vet either decision, Akkroo engineers conducted initial research across various integration vendors. After trying a handful of integration tools, one of the Akkroo developers found  the Cloud Elements API integration platform.


Why Cloud Elements

During the initial research assessment of iPaaS vendors, the  engineers preferred Cloud Elements: they felt it was a better solution than other vendors they looked at because of the open source, API based tooling. “The product is completely expandable and we can still own the UI experience, everything we wanted to achieve was perfectly possible with what Cloud Elements provided.”

“Cloud Elements is a lightweight, user friendly product and was easier to work with than Scribe, who we were also evaluating at the time.” Akkroo, as a growing SaaS business found an affinity working with Cloud Elements because of the large Elements catalog and the flexibility of the approach  as they grew and developed their product. “Having Cloud Elements as a partner and their commitment to security and GDPR has been instrumental as we continue to move forward. ” 




Integration has the ability to open new revenue streams, reduce churn and increase value. Akkroo saw  integration as table stakes for being able to work with their ideal customer profile. 


“Because we were able to implement 4-5 integrations quickly, we now cover 90% of the market of systems that our customers use.”


Akkroo viewed integration as a fundamental part of the product strategy from the very beginning and they didn’t  want to discourage customers from integrating with Akkroo and their marketing automation and CRM systems.


In terms of churn, Akkroo knows that without offering integrations there was a strong possibility they could lose customers due to missing integrations. “We could have lost deals without having integrations, but Cloud Elements has been a trusted partner of ours for a long time and we saw integration as a differentiator from the start. By using Cloud Elements we have been able to spin up integrations within very short periods, which has been huge for us.”


As Akkroo has grown, we have gone through structural changes and we got to a size where we could divide our attention into specific areas of focus. One of these areas is integrations and connectivity and now we are able to have a team solely focused on that part of our product." 

Because the team uses Cloud Elements, and doesn’t have to focus on maintenance, the team is able to spend half of their time helping our customers  get integrated. Around 75% of our customer base have an integration of some sort, which makes them more sticky in our product -  their system of record. Now the Akkroo team can get on with building new functionality instead of maintaining existing functionality.”

- Andy Higgs, CPO & Co-Founder


Akkroo’s ability to see integration as a strategic initiative from the beginning of the product ‘s strategy has served them well as they have grown. Integration helped shape their ideal customer profile, capture 90% of the marketplace due to the integrations they chose and helped increase stickiness and engineering productivity. 


About the Author

Monica Peotter

Monica is the Customer Programs Manager at Cloud Elements.

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