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  • Kickfire Case Study

    Kickfire Case Study

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  • Akkroo Captures 90% of Market with API Integrations

    Akkroo Captures 90% of Market with API Integrations

    With CRM, marketing and finance integrations powered by Cloud Elements, Akkroo opens new revenue streams, reduces churn and increases value.

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  • PaySimple Builds Integrations In Half The Time | Customer Story

    PaySimple Builds Integrations In Half The Time | Customer Story

    Hear from Eddie Driver, Product Marketing Manager at PaySimple, on how they used Cloud Elements to solve their integration headaches.

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  • IBM

    "We look forward to a significant reduction in the development time, cost and maintenance for our platform.” --Tony Curcio, Director of Application Integration, IBM

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  • Starred

    "We quickly went from four weeks for a proof of concept to just half a day." --Khizar Naeem, Head of Integrations, Starred

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  • Starred Customer Story

    Starred Customer Story

    Hear from Khizar Naeem, Head of Integrations at Starred, on how they tackled their integration challenges.

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  • Swiftpage

    "The value prop for Cloud Elements was extremely clear to us: integrating one‐to‐many is much, much easier than point‐to‐point.” - Xavier Musy, Chief Architect @ Swiftpage

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  • LiveTiles

    "By leaning on the existing Cloud Elements integrations, we’ve saved those two dev slots." --Erik Ralston, Chief Architect, LiveTiles

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  • PactSafe Quote

    "We needed a process that was light, low maintenance, and flexible to let us grow our integrations while staying lean." --Eric Prugh, Co Founder & COO, PactSafe

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  • PactSafe Customer Story

    PactSafe Customer Story

    Hear from Eric Prugh, Co-Founder and COO at PactSafe, on how they partnered with Cloud Elements to quickly design an integration strategy and connect their platform to Salesforce.

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  • LiveTiles Customer Story

    LiveTiles Customer Story

    How LiveTiles uses Cloud Elements to expand their Digital Experience Platform (DXP) with API integrations to other tools their customers use.

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  • Swiftpage Customer Story

    Swiftpage Customer Story

    Swiftpage partners with Cloud Elements to expand API strategy, including e-commerce API integrations and on-premises app marketplace.

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  • ReadyTalk offers new Microsoft Dynamics Integration through Cloud Elements

    ReadyTalk offers new Microsoft Dynamics Integration through Cloud Elements

    ReadyTalk offers Microsoft Dynamics integration to customers through Cloud Elements API integration platform.

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  • ViaWest Customer Story

    ViaWest Customer Story

    By partnering with Cloud Elements, ViaWest got to market 3x faster with new platforms for variable billing, future-proofing and data collection, and identity management.

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  • Totaljobs Customer Story

    Totaljobs Customer Story

    Totaljobs Group gains 30% more applications from mobile devices by connecting to end users document storage accounts (Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive).

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  • Inspirato Customer Story

    Inspirato Customer Story

    Inspirato with American Express goes Mobile with REST APIs. With the new centralized app, run on APIs and integrations, the rate of property acquisition grew significantly.

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  • Influitive Customer Story

    Influitive Customer Story

    Advocate marketing leaders, Influitive, integrate APIS 10X faster using Cloud Elements.

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