How-To: Build Platforms, Not Products | Webinar Recording

September 13, 2017 Jackie Rebrovic

In this webinar Ross Garrett, Head of Product Marketing at Cloud Elements and Eric Prugh, Co-founder and COO at PactSafe, discuss why simply having an open API is not enough - SaaS and technology providers need to make integration easier for customers by becoming a platform. Innovative companies, such as PactSafe, Slack, and Intercom, are making a shift towards what's known as the Network Economy. 

Learn more about the "4 Superheroes" of the Network Economy and how you organization can build a platform, not just a product. 

About the Author

Jackie Rebrovic

As the Senior Strategic Marketing Manager at Cloud Elements Jackie is responsible for owning all advertising channels, digital campaigns, full-funnel content, and the website. Outside of all things Cloud Elements, Jackie is a certified yoga instructor at Corepower Yoga in Denver. In her free time she enjoys skiing in the rocky mountains, cooking at home, happy hour-ing, seeing live music, traveling, and hiking with her Shiba Inu, Mika.

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