Evaluate Your Enterprise's Digital Maturity

August 29, 2017 Jackie Rebrovic


Ross Garrett, our Head of Product Marketing, joins an all-star panel of API experts to discuss how API integration is at the epicenter of digital transformation. The experts dive into what “digital transformation” actually looks like for today’s enterprises and growth startups. Gain insights into mapping tools to identify where your organization is and where you should be on your journey towards digital maturity.

The experts explore four key themes around digital maturity. Download the ebook to learn more about:

  • SaaS in the Enterprise
  • Providing and Consuming APIs
  • Data Mindset
  • Developer Focus

About the Author

Jackie Rebrovic

As the Senior Strategic Marketing Manager at Cloud Elements Jackie is responsible for owning all advertising channels, digital campaigns, full-funnel content, and the website. Outside of all things Cloud Elements, Jackie is a certified yoga instructor at Corepower Yoga in Denver. In her free time she enjoys skiing in the rocky mountains, cooking at home, happy hour-ing, seeing live music, traveling, and hiking with her Shiba Inu, Mika.

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