Discover Your API Integration Strategy [Guide]

May 9, 2016 Hannah Shain

Find Out What's Below the Surface of API Integration

Follow these 10 steps to discover your API integration strategy and provide your customers with the absolute best app integration experience.

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10 Steps to Discovering Your API Integration Strategy: 

  1. Define User Stories
  2. Know Your Use Case
  3. Select Integration Endpoints
  4. Authenticate The Endpoints
  5. Discover Standard and Custom Data Objects
  6. Map & Transform Data
  7. Options For Search and/or Browse
  8. Determine Event Triggers & Orchestration
  9. CRUD Operations
  10. Integration Testing

Interested in learning more? Download our eBook, The Definitive Guide to API Integrations, for more details about how to build your API integration strategy.

Find out about API Talks, our 2016 event series. API Talks, designed for Product Managers and API Enthusiasts, is an interactive API integration and design workshop with a panel of industry experts and networking happy hour. The series will be popping up in San FranciscoTorontoDenver, Boston and Seattle this year! 

About the Author

Hannah Shain

Hannah is the Director of Marketing at Cloud Elements. With a background in agile development + creative mind in the realm of marketing, Hannah exemplies the ability to lead in all things marketing.

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