API Integration for Open Banking

October 5, 2018 Jackie Rebrovic

With over 150 pre-built integrations to the top cloud services and back-office systems, Cloud Elements enables simple, streamlined customer experiences for financial services. Our API Integration Platform connects directly with ERP and accounting systems to synchronize financial data between cloud and on-prem applications and deliver end-to-end banking processes.

Read the guide to learn more about how Cloud Elements supports API integration for Open Banking.

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Jackie Rebrovic

As the Senior Strategic Marketing Manager at Cloud Elements Jackie is responsible for owning all advertising channels, digital campaigns, full-funnel content, and the website. Outside of all things Cloud Elements, Jackie is a certified yoga instructor at Corepower Yoga in Denver. In her free time she enjoys skiing in the rocky mountains, cooking at home, happy hour-ing, seeing live music, traveling, and hiking with her Shiba Inu, Mika.

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