Cloud Elements 2.0 Introduction | Webinar Recording

August 29, 2017 Ross Garrett

The Cloud Elements 2.0 Webinar is a conversation with presenters and participants, to get a first-hand look at what’s new in Cloud Elements.

Listen in as our Customer Enablement Coach, Clayton Shaver,  and Director of Sales Engineering, David Honan, cover what’s new in Cloud Elements 2.0, how you can migrate your existing integrations over from v1, and get a sneak peek at upcoming features.

  • What’s new in 2.0?
  • How can you migrate over from v1?
  • What has changed in 2.0?

About the Author

Ross Garrett

Ross Garrett is the Head of Product Marketing at Cloud Elements - responsible for market strategy, product positioning and evangelism. He is a well-known speaker at developer events and other industry conferences. Ross has over 10 years of product and marketing leadership experience in the integration space, most recently at Push Technology and previously with Axway, CA and Layer 7.

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