Kin Lane

My name is Kin Lane and I am a technology professional with an obsession for Application Programming Interfaces, also know as APIs. You will find me half the year, traveling the world evangelizing the importance of API literacy, and the other half of the time, working virtually to better understand the world of APIs, and publish my ongoing research, and stories on my network

  • Basic API Design Guidelines Are Your First Step Towards API Governance

    Basic API Design Guidelines Are Your First Step Towards API Governance

    I am working with a group that has begun defining their API governance strategy. We’ve discussed a full spectrum of API lifecycle capabilities that need to be integrated into their development...

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  • Making Your API Pricing Page Accessible To Everyone

    Making Your API Pricing Page Accessible To Everyone

    I’ve been talking with the folks over at Bitscoop about their integration platform as a service (iPaaS) offering. I would API mapping as a service, but that is another story. After talking with...

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  • API Management Is About Awareness And Control Over Our Digital Resources

    API Management Is About Awareness And Control Over Our Digital Resources

    I’ve been diving into the fundamentals of API management as part of several projects I am working on. I am setting up API management for a single API project, as well as thinking through API...

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  • The SEO Benefits Of Publishing Your API Operations To Github

    The SEO Benefits Of Publishing Your API Operations To Github

    I’ve been operating 100% of my public presence for API Evangelist on Github for almost five years now. I really like the public layer of my world being static, but I also like the modularity that...

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  • We Are All Using APIs

    We Are All Using APIs

    When I talk to ordinary people about what I do as the API Evangelist, they tend to think APIs don’t have much of anything to do with their world. APIs exist in a realm of startups, technology,...

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  • Enhancing Your API SEO

    One question I’m regularly getting from my readers is regarding how you can increase the search engine optimization (SEO) for your APIs–yes, API SEO (acronyms rule)! While we should be investing...

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  • People Doing Interesting Things With APIs

    I just wanted to take a moment and highlight some folks who are doing interesting things with APIs. I spend a lot of time focusing on the companies, products, and services from the sector, but I...

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  • Maintaining On Premise Capacity As Well As Cloud Expertise

    The "cloud" has done some very interesting things for individuals, companies, organizations, institutions, and government agencies, and is something that shouldn't be ignored. However, I watch...

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  • What Is At Stake With API Definitions At The Moment

    I wrote angrily about Oracle's acquisition of Apiary last week, and this week I find myself deeply considering the API definition landscape, so I wanted to take another look at this event from...

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  • What Are The Goals Behind Launching An API Portal?

    I was getting ready to do some work on a developer portal for a project I'm working on and I wanted to stop, step back and try to define what the goals in launching this portal are. As the...

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  • What Are Your Intentions With My API?

    While it can be easy to bash on API providers for being tight with their API resources, it can be very difficult to be an API provider operating in today's online environment. Some developers are...

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  • Your Southwest Airlines Flight Has An API

    A friend of mine messaged me this photo of the Southwest Airlines flight API on Facebook the other day. After doing a little homework I found that every flight has this available on the planes...

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  • The API Evangelist API Management Guide

    API management is the oldest area of my research. The area has been being defined since Mashery first opened its doors in 2006 and continues to be defined with the recent IPO by Apigee, and the...

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  • The API Evangelist API Design Guide

    The API Evangelist API Design Guide

    In the last couple of years, I've seen the concept of API design go from being something the API elite discuss, to something that involves business users, and something that has spawned a whole...

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  • Oracle vs Google: APIs Are Kind Of Hard To Understand

    One of the things that stood out for me reading through the Oracle v Google trial coverage today was Sarah Jeong's acknowledging how APIs are kind of hard to understand, and is something that is...

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  • The API Evangelist API Definition Guide

    How we define our APIs has dramatically changed in recent years. Since Swagger came onto the scene around five years ago, there has been a rapid growth in the number of open formats, tooling, and...

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  • The API Evangelist API Deployment Guide

    There are many different ways to actually deploy an API. If you are a larger, more established company, you probably have existing tools, services, and processes set forth by IT for deploying...

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  • Slack Meets The Minimum Viable API Platform Requirements

    I am using my minimum viable API operations definition tool to continue profiling the API sector, this time to size up the Slack API community. Slack is kind of a darling of the API space, so it...

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  • Empowering You To Make Informed Decisions Around Your Information Is What The Personal API Is About

    My friend Tom Woodward is continuing his personal API journey on his blog, sharing more of his thoughts around taking control over his information, and sharing some of the conversational exhaust...

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  • The Pricing & Plans For 250 API Platforms

    I track on the API operations of around 2000 companies. Honestly, most of the 10K+ APIs in the ProgrammableWeb API directory have long been gone, deprecated, acquired, and had the lights shut...

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