The State of API Integration 2017 [Report]

Each new service or application is like an island of data, causing consumers to be overrun with new APIs, resources and information. App developers are then responsible for creating the value their API provides as a method of connection. 

This report helps to address the proliferation challenge by providing trends, insights on ease of integration, data on where the industry is strong, and where it is going next.

The data presented here comes from the Cloud Elements platform of API integrations with research provided by ProgrammableWeb and Datanyze, as well as industry experts. It will help all developers navigate the recent explosion of APIs and the implications of API integrations to work more efficiently in 2017 and beyond.



  • The Growth of API Integration
  • API Integrations | Compare and Contrast
  • Current Scorecard of API Integration

About the Author

Mark Geene

Mark is the CEO and co-founder of Cloud Elements. He has more than 20 years of experience in sales, consulting and product management. Mark is a Lean Startup enthusiast and a passionate product strategist.

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