ViaWest Customer Story [Download]

January 5, 2015 Hannah Shain


Industry: IT Infrastructure Services

Challenge: Legacy Platforms Operating Independently Require New Integration Solution

Solution: Cloud Elements Platform and CRM API Integration Services

With 27 data centers across the U.S. and growing, ViaWest is rapidly scaling its Infrastructure- as-a-Service (IaaS) for IT to connect multiple cloud services. ViaWest’s growing cloud portfolio relied on the creation of a single platform to maintain and monitor end-users’ integration experience, including variable billing, managed data centers, and monitoring usage patterns. The goal was clear: bring all the cloud integrations into one single, easy-to-use platform for capturing and analyzing data. The results led to far more than originally expected.

Before we dive in, let’s take a closer look at ViaWest and its technical team’s fearless leader, Jason Carolan. Denver-based ViaWest, is one of the largest data center, managed services and cloud providers in the U.S. Carolan, self-proclaimed cyclist, dad, and cloud guy, took on the role as VP of Product Development in 2011, then soon after moved into his now-current role as CTO. Leading product and technology, Carolan wears three hats at ViaWest. First and foremost, he is in charge of product management around the cloud, or more simply put, “Managing the things we sell to customers and on which we generate revenue.” Second, Carolan is in charge of product development practices and processes; and third, internal IT and back office systems.

Carolan and his team of 25 technical experts set out to improve the managed services which reside on ViaWest’s cloud infrastructure, along with enhance the colocation services offered to ViaWest customers. In this hybrid cloud space, Carolan’s goals were to identify a viable cloud partner and create the most efficient, best-performing solutions for ViaWest customers. By partnering with Cloud Elements, ViaWest got to market 3x faster with new platforms for variable billing, future-proofing and data collection, and identity management.

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Hannah Shain

Hannah is the Director of Marketing at Cloud Elements. With a background in agile development + creative mind in the realm of marketing, Hannah exemplies the ability to lead in all things marketing.

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