BizCloud Customer Story [Download]

February 1, 2015 Hannah Shain


Industry: Media-Centric Cloud Marketplace

Challenge: Integrate to many cloud applications and share large media files

Solution: Cloud Storage & Documents Hub API Integrations: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive

BizCloud, a media-centric collaboration platform joined forces with Cloud Elements in April 2014 to offer an integrated and forward thinking workplace. BizCloud is built on a simple premise: all companies are essentially becoming media companies, requiring a new IT solution that can combine the management of digital assets with collaboration, file sharing, and delivery functionality, all in one product.

In early 2014, BizCloud began looking for an efficient way to integrate with third party applications to extend BizCloud’s capabilities.

Andy Rosen, CEO of BizCloud started his business with an extensive media-centric entertainment industry background. From rock and roll photographer, to owning a film and video production company and record company. He knew the entertainment industry required a much needed advancement in a new digital age  Not only that, but Rosen found that all industries now have the same problem when they are trying to share, collaborate and deliver digital assets.

About the Author

Hannah Shain

Hannah is the Director of Marketing at Cloud Elements. With a background in agile development + creative mind in the realm of marketing, Hannah exemplies the ability to lead in all things marketing.

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